Our Process

*Keep In Mind* This the process in which Jackson Designz take to the design approach. We will not alternate our policies to compete with that of another designer. Design takes delicate time and we are willing to enforce that to ensure our clients walk away satisfied and content with their design that their hard earned money went towards. 

1. Intake

This phase allows both the company and the client to go over key aspects of the project to determine if we are a good fit for one another.  We get to understand the direction you are looking to go in. 

2. Planning

Now that we have established we are a good fit to work with one another, we will not begin on planning out the design concept based off the information provided. A timeline will be generated.

3. Create

The main important phase! During this phase, we will compile notes from the intake and the planning phase and compile into a mock design.  Once approved, we will move onto the next and final phase.


We are now at the final stage! Once you have approved the website design for launch, we will deploy for you to showcase to your friends, families and customers. We want to ensure the website stays awesome.

What Keeps Us Going?

We keep going with our obsession for coffee and our love from our clients! Here some of what they have to say!

You Are Worth More !

Your business will thank you later! You are worth more than luxury glasses, watches, and much more gadgets! You are worth more than that 1 vacation that breaks the bank! INVEST in your self and reap the benefits later. What you sacrifice for now, you will gain in multitude later!

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